Project assignment autumn 2013: Location-based game for Frankfurt Ost

die_perfkte_flucht_v5_farbig_v2_blankParticipants will develop a context-sensitive game for the city of Frankfurt am Main, which deals with navigating urban space. Students will choreograph a perfect run between two public transport stations and design a game in which players will navigate by interacting with a smartphone, physically moving in the real world and controlling heartrate and stress levels. The seminar introduces to basics in game design and will discuss Active Design and Inclusive Street Design guidelines at hand in the real world locations. Together with students from psychology, architecture and computer science, participants will develop prototypes and test the game on site.

Wednesdays, 14:00-15:10

Maschinenhalle, TU Darmstadt

Final presentation 19 March 2014

Project assignment spring 2013: Lunchtime Exercises

deriveapp auf tablet-Cropped squareThis Seminar deals with the effects of the built environment on healthy behaviors including walking, running or stair climbing. In spring 2013, students will form small project teams to develop exergames for their lunchtime breaks. Which environments can be used to play exergames on smartphones? And which effects on motivation, activation and wellbeing can be shown? 

Tuesdays, 13:30-15:00

FB 15, Campus Lichtwiese, TU Darmstadt

Final presentations 17 September 2013