Interdisciplinary research course on location-based games for health


What makes people move in urban environments? How do city users relax despite car traffic or air pollution? How can we investigate positive effects from urban design and augment them through gaming technologies? In this research course, students from architecture, cognitive psychology, electrical engineering and computer science develop and evaluate prototypes of location-based games for health. They work together in small interdisciplinary project teams to bring their ideas to life. With this blog we like to invite you to join our conversation about the future of urbanism, health promotion and playful technologies. The research course acts as a think tank and incubator for interdisciplinary research at TU Darmstadt. Its lecturers are scientific staff from the departments of human sciences, architecture, and electrical engineering. Here, they share their joint initiatives with you, present publications, projects and collaborations with experts from other institutions. The conversation, however, evolves around the course and its main actors: Students, their research ideas, interests and prototypes.



Links to our academic websites at TU Darmstadt

Urban Health Games: http://www.stadtspiele.tu-darmstadt.de
Serious Games: http://www.kom.tu-darmstadt.de/serious-games
Working and Engineering psychology: http://www.arbing.psychologie.tu-darmstadt.de


Funding / Collaboration

The seminar is being funded by the zQSL grant of TU Darmstadt to improve the quality of education and scientific training for students:

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