Lab Opening – Urban Health Games

Lab-flyerWe cordially invite you to join us for our lab opening in our new rooms at the department of architecture. Learn more about our research on urban design & health and experience our Virtual Reality demo on Darmstadt city life.

26th April 2016, 17:00, Room 140, former Kunstgeschichte Bibliothek


The Urban Health Games Research Group at Technische Universität Darmstadt investigates urban design in its relation to health and wellbeing. A focus is on promoting walkability of urban environments, supporting more active mobility patterns, social interaction, inclusive design and mental wellbeing.
Adjunct to the Design and Urban Development Unit (est) and Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM) the architects closely interact with environmental psychologists, computer scientists and serious games experts. We collaborate with a wide range of academic and industry partners to develop novel research methods, augment academic education and maximize real world impact.

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